Struggle is Real.

Never thought that the paved road into graduation will fill up with (BIG) holes and scarps. i used to speculate that i definitely will graduate sooner, but you know, occasionally, it's not merely your intelligent, but the added up variables may get in indeed. But it testify that life truly provide us a thrilling experiences. … Continue reading Struggle is Real.



ARGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. maaf jika opening nya begitu sangar. well, yes i do feel unproductive these days. i mean like, really? why this kind of thing happened?! i cant control my own desire to procrastinate over unimportant silly things. i know you guess it well what i mean here. as a human being, i want to gain … Continue reading Unproductive


فَاصْبِرْ صَبْرًا جَمِيلً so endure patiently, with a beautiful patience. (QS. 70:5) I always wondered how patience could possibly be beautiful it is painful. it is tiring. it is suffering patience is a constant state of effort it is exhausting but patience is simply trust trusting Allah, despite the pain. patience is giving up everything you love … Continue reading Patience.


mungkin karena keilmuan saya yang masih terlalu kurang untuk memahami. apakah memang perpecahan dan perbedaan pendapat yang berujung saling menyalahkan dan membongkar aib masing-masih (didepan publik pula) itu hal yang wajar? bukankah agama ini mulia? terlebih lagi sikap nyinyir dari masing masing kubu yang sering kali menghiasi timeline fb saya. di instagram pun tidak kalah … Continue reading BINGUNG.